Third Eye Neurotech - Treating Phobias in Autism Using Our Blue Room

We create tailored experiences to our individual users using innovative and patented methods. Our primary focus is treating phobias in children with autism using our Blue Room technology.

The Blue Room

Third Eye Neurotech’s Blue Room system is designed to aid in the process for reducing phobias. With environments and scenarios designed specially for each user, the Blue Room has been proven to be more effective than traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in treating patients, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

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Photo of the Blue Room

What We Do

Third Eye Neurotech has developed an immersive reality technology module for mass participation that requires no additional equipment to be worn by the participants such as goggles or headsets. The, so called, Blue Room Immersive Technology creates real time interactive totally immersivereality modules. A major feature is its ability to replicate any environment in precise detail. The Blue Room module is exciting and exhilarating and gives participants a real sense of movement and “being there” in “true perspective”.

Third Eye Neurotech in the Media

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Learn about the development of the Blue Room technology in our collaboration with Newcastle University

Newcastle University Press Release

Virtual reality therapy treats autism phobias

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The Daily Mail

Almost HALF of all autistic children can be cured of their phobias and fears by using virtual reality

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ITV News

Virtual reality sessions helped children with autism overcome phobias

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The Chronicle Live

How schoolboy with autism had his phobia of dogs cured in groundbreaking study

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Express and Star

Virtual reality sessions helped children with autism overcome their phobias

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Gloucestershire Live

The life-changing virtual reality treatment that allowed this 11-year-old to overcome his fear of dogs

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Academic Coverage

Third Eye Neurotech’s Blue Room has been featured in academic peer reviews too.

Reducing Specific Phobia/Fear in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a Virtual Reality Environment Intervention.

M. Maskey, J. Lowry, J. Rodgers, H. McConachie, J. R. Parr

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Image of academic paper

Using Virtual Reality Environments to Augment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Fears and Phobias in Autistic Adults

M. Maskey PhD, J. Rodgers PhD, B. Ingham PhD, M. Freeston PhD, G. Evans PhD, M. Labus PhD, and J. R. Parr MB CHB, MRCPCH, MD

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Image of academic paper

A Randomised Controlled Feasibility Trial of Immersive Virtual Reality Treatment with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Specific Phobias in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

M. Maskey, J. Rodgers, V. Grahame, M. Glod, E. Honey, J. Kinnear, M. Labus, J. Milne, D. Minos, H. McConachie, J. R. Parr

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Image of academic paper

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